Article written by Julie Perren

Launching into the water in your own sea kayak after a break away is an ideal time to reassess if it's still the right kayak for you: does it still tick all the boxes, perform as you need it to and is it as good as you remember?



This is the procedure that we have to follow to import goods into EU throught SKUK.

1) SKUK made the invoice and the packing list.

2) The dealer have to fill the form T1_template_brunel


I would like to thank Nigel and Yaninia from Sea Kayaking UK who have kindly made this paddle for me and who are fully supporting this charity event to raise £10,000 for Mencap Mon, people with disabilities here on Anglesey and the Alaw Ward Cancer Unit in Bangor Hospital.


Any Paddle Orders being placed will now be manufactured in the New Year

We now have Trollies, Large and Small Hatch Covers in Stock

Available to order from our On-line web shop – Stocking fillers for Christmas

SKUK sea kayaks and Celtic Paddles will be in full production through out the lockdown that starts in Wales on Friday. All office staff will however be working from home and can be contacted by their e-mails. The office phone will be re directed so please feel free to also contact us by phone.

SKUK have decided to stop manufacturing the Quantum. We will however still be able to supply some spair parts.

For further information please contact Nigel Dennis

The drone has monitored Sprat this summer. They’ve found that it can monitor 24% fish in daytime when the Sprat stays closer to the surface. Better findings in darkness to, and findings where non other craft can operate.


Sea Kayaking UK are starting to manufacture paddles from Thursday 7th May!

100km in one day to raise awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis. One of the fastest growing diseases in North America.

On March 19th of 2020 at 4:17am I awoke to mentally prepare myself for what was about to be a 13 hour day of paddling on the water. I started at 5am and finished at 6pm that day. I set out with three goals in mind; to raise awareness for MS in support of my Mother who suffers from the disease and others like her, to challenge the fundraising ideas and lastly but most certainly not least, to create a scenario enabling me to feel for one day the pain I believe a person living with MS would feel every day. I was about to put my skills and experience to test by completing a 100km continuous coastal paddle.


The Factory is open as usual, however the Factory Office will be manned Mon-Fri 10-1pm all next week.

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