10th Annual International Symposium week - September 2012

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13 years ago, the seed was planted

Vancouver Island Record in 2007 focused the mind

266 nautical miles
5 weeks in Alaska, 2 weeks prep
12 paddling days, 1 day of rest,
7 days waiting
an immeasurable life experience
our most unforgettable adventure so far...


Check out this amazing footage from a recent Expedition to the Shetlands. Martin Taylor of McAuley High School (sea kayaking can be enjoyed by all ages) certainly shows the youngsters that despite the rain and mist, the sea is a truly magical place. Nice to see a whole pod of SKUK kayaks too and Lendal! The sharks are obviously impressed and came in for a close look!

Channel 5: Shark Footage

The Big Celebrity Swim was shown on Channel 5 last week and can now be viewed on line!

Look out for Nigel Stealth Kayak Dennis as he starts the Irish Sea crossing with Ronan Keating in the above link.

It took the swimmers 35 hours and 18 minutes to complete the Swim (and kayak!) from Holyhead to Wicklow in aid of Cancer Research where they hope to raise 1 million.

Nigel, Eila and friend Chris had a fantastic time supporting the whole crew of Celebrities and Super Swimmers and wish THE SWIM every success in reaching their target.

Channel 5:
The Big Celebrity Swim

Website:Adventurous Experiences Blog

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Saturday 20 August 2011

Viking Longboat Races - Mixed Winners!!



In memory of the thirty-two young Dutchmen who tried to escape to England by Kayak during World War II to join the Allied Forces. Eight of them reached the English Coast.

In late August 2011, Alec Greenwell, Ed Cooper, Harry Franks and Olly Hicks, all from east Suffolk will kayak the same route taken by the Engelandvaarders 70 years earlier. The route they will be following is that of a pair of brothers, Henri and William Peteri, who departed from Katwijk, several miles north of The Hague, and landed on the beach at Sizewell in Suffolk 56 hours later.


Jonathon has just posted the trip log notes and photos from his recent sea kayaking expedition down the west coast of Canada. The log and photos are released in 8 smaller sections. Hopefully, this will make them easier to view. Here are the links:


11th June 2010


We have just completed a stock check of all stock held in the UK. Until production starts during August, we can only supply from the existing stock. All stock will be posted shortly or a copy can be obtained by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Full details of the new range of paddles will be posted on the web site and sent to all dealers at the beginning of July.


Sonja and Eila, along with Nigel Dennis of Sea Kayaking UK are working with the Outdoor Partnership to bring Kayaking into primary schools on the Isle of Anglesey. SPLASH funding has been secured and 12 primary schools will each be offered 10 places for pupils to receive a free kayak taster session.


Jeff Allen returns to Havnomaden with Jim Frampton to complete the Norwegian coast. Jeff and his fianc Lizzie are using the expedition to raise awareness for the Ovarian Cancer Action charity, so as well as

being an amazing adventure it is also a journey with a cause. The Ovarian Cancer Action is a charity which, through research and awareness, is committed to supporting women suffering ovarian cancer. If you would like to help, then please visit Jeff's Just Giving page



Scandinavia circumnavigation 2008

In March 2008, sponsored sea kayaker Jeff Allen set off on an attempt to circumnavigate Scandinavia. Starting in Gothenburg, Sweden, Jeff along with Mark Schoon from America, kayaked northwards, in an attempt to reach the distant town of Kirkenes, a small Norwegian port which lies close to the Russian border. More than 60% of Norway's long and exposed coastline lies above the Arctic Circle and this will be just phase one of a two phase expedition to paddle and ski the majority of Scandinavia. As well as being an incredible adventure Jeff and Mark hope to raise both monies and awareness for two charities. The Ovarian Cancer Action and the Children's Hospice South West Precious Lives Appeal. You can follow the expeditionhere.

Paddlers:Jeff Allen

Vancouver Island 2007

On the evening of Wednesday August 15th, 2007, Joe O'Blenis paddled into the Brechin Boat Launch in Nanaimo at 8:00 PM, successfully completing his solo circumnavigation of British Columbia's rugged Vancouver Island. In doing so, Joe shattered the previous speed record of 28 days, having completed the expedition in just 23 days and 10 hours!

The expedition was done with support from Kokatat Watersports, Sea kayaking UK (Nigel Dennis), Comox Valley Kayaks and John Kimantas of the Wild Coast (Guidebooks and Marine Atlases). Also helpful in countless ways were a good number of people, too numerous to mention in this brief press release. Many thanks to you all!

The expedition held many challenges right from the start from the dense fog at launch time to the headwinds of up to and over 40 knots for the first 17 days. Rough seas, limited landing spots and the ever-persistent winds took their toll during the expedition but despite the challenges, the rewards were equally plentiful. From the magnificent scenery of Vancouver Island to the vast array of marine wildlife with near daily sightings of a variety of whales, sea otters, seals, sea lions as well as deer, bears, eagles and so much more! The beautiful but incredibly rugged shoreline of the west coast of Vancouver Island with its cliffs, sea stacks, caves as well as number of long sandy beaches made for an amazing and inspiring journey.

Highlights of the trip included camping on the outer tip of the Brooks Peninsula complete with a large bear just down the beach from my camp, rounding Cape Scott in pristine conditions, a cold can of beer in the Bunsby Islands compliments of the staff at West Coast Expeditions on Spring Island and of course finishing the expedition back in Nanaimo with the hot shower & shave afterwards closely followed by delicious chicken wings and beer at the pub with good friends!

The new record, four and half days faster than the previous mark, is now there for the taking. In Joe's words, It is my hope that the record will fall within the next year or two, giving me reason to do it all over one more time, using the knowledge gained from this expedition to shave a few more days off the mark and, hopefully, beat the time from Keirron Tastagh and Jeff Norville who paddled a tandem around the island in May 2007 in a record time of 19 and a half days in a Triton double kayak.
Hopefully there will be some stunning photographs from the expedition in the gallery once Joe has gone through them all!
Sponsors List
Sea Kayaking UK
Kokatat Watersports
John Kimantas/ The Wild Coast
Comox Valley Kayaks

Paddlers:Joe O'Blenis