We offer approx 213 colours of Gel Coat / kayaks. Please choose from the RAL Classic range of colours.



Romany Excel

A truly high-performance kayak for the extra-large paddler. Designed for rough water and ease off handling in conditions, it is manoeuvrable and directionally stable in wind. It’s boxy rails add stability, but make it a joy to surf. An ideal kayak for the 230 to 300 pound paddler (16+ stones, 105+ kilos). The kayak has a larger and wider keyhole cockpit, extra leg room, raised knee bumps and a wider stern hull to accommodate the full sized paddler.

Romany Excel Expedition

A slightly longer version of the Excel offering more carrying capacity for those longer expeditions


Romany Surf

Made for the medium to larger paddler. As its name implies, this kayak surfs exceptionally well, but its mostly a bit larger Romany. The combination of boxy rails, full ends, and a wider, flatter hull make this a very stable and forgiving kayak in conditions. The centrally located cockpit position and rocker configuration help achieve an unusual combination of manoeuvrability and directional stability in wind.

Explorer HV

The HV has exactly the same hull as the Explorer. Knee humps have been added to the deck to allow for a higher knee position, and hence looser hips and greater comfort for paddlers with longer legs or larger feet. This also creates more of a modern white-water cockpit feel. So the HV has 1.5" (3.8 cm) of extra height between top of the seat and underside of the deck for larger bodies and gear.


Romany Classic

Twice awarded "Best Day Boat" by Sea Kayaker Magazine’s reader base, the Romany is one of the most popular sea kayaks ever made. Manoeuvrable and directionally stable in wind, this kayak was built for the medium sized paddler. Designed for ease of handling in rough water, wind and waves while still offering enough carrying capacity for a weak or longer expedition, its predictability and ease of handling make it the 1st choice for many coaches around the world. It's many of our ‘go to’ boat for rough water play, surfing and rock gardening.


An award winning design for rough water and for covering distances, the Explorer is our main expedition kayak. It's fast, manoeuvrable and directionally stable. The Explorer is the standard for expeditions. It has a large carrying capacity (enough for a one-month expedition to Antarctica carrying all supplies with no support). The kayak has a low rear deck for easy rolling, a flush, slanted rear bulkhead for complete emptying, three completely air tight hatches with fibreglass bulkheads glassed in place, retractable skeg and one of the best keyhole cockpits yet designed.



Designed for the longer legged, tall or thin paddler, the Latitude is a narrow kayak with NDK’s solid stability. It has both an extended keyhole for longer legs, and knee-humps so the longer but lighter paddler can move the seat forward or the taller paddler has enough height at his or her knees to keep the hips loose. Hull dimensions are similar to the Pilgrim Expedition except that it is 5cm longer in the stern. This extra volume has been added immediately behind the cockpit to reduce the amount of stern displacement when accelerating, hence increasing the glide and touring speed.



A responsive, playful, fully featured kayak designed for the smallest and lightest paddler. The hull is fast, narrow and easy to turn by carve or skid. Reduced surface area allows smaller paddlers more control and comfort in a greater range of sea and wind conditions. The Pilgrim is very neutral, like the Romany, in wind, and is as easy to roll as any Greenland style kayak with its high secondary stability. When moving from even a slightly larger boat to the Pilgrim, many smaller paddlers experience a significant increase in personal performance.

Pilgrim Expedition

The Pilgrim Expedition is a slim, fast kayak with carrying capacity for camping expeditions. It is specifically designed as an expedition kayak for the smaller paddler, filling the gap between the Pilgrim and the Latitude. The cockpit opening is shorter, like the Pilgrim, to allow for better cockpit contact for smaller paddlers with more direct access to a chart case on the fore-deck. Like the Pilgrim, it’s low volume, rails and rocker increase the confidence and make it a joy for smaller paddlers in rough water.



The Echo NDK’s new expedition/play kayak for small paddlers, designed to handle well in surf and rough water as we journey along our coasts. It offers a lower deck and tighter fit than the Pilgrim or Pilgrim Expedition, and features NDKs smaller cockpit for those paddlers 90 – 150 lbs. Designed to replace the custom cut-down (LV) versions of these two boats, it eliminates the excess rocker resulting from post mould, deck height reduction. The result is a fast, fun, playful boat that behaves beautifully in the wind. The Echo, like the Romany, approaches that ‘all use’ performance design.




A traditional designed hard chined sea kayak. This is a Greenland kayak scaled up to fit kayakers in the western world. It has chines designed at the right angle for easy edging and is fast and stable for the width of the kayak. The cockpit is also of the traditional style being round and angled for easy access. The stern also has traditional origins, being a unique turned up stern. A good fast manoeuvrable expedition glass sea kayak for the Greenland enthusiast

Greenlander Pro

The Greenlander Pro is similar to the Greenlander but has been fitted with a keyhole cockpit. The rocker line is a little straighter, this with a slightly longer hull makes the kayak even faster. This kayak is often the choice of expedition paddlers wanting a faster sea kayak.




The Cadence was initially designed as a race trainer. The hull of the Cadence has been designed by Alistair Wilson the original owner of Lendal paddles. The deck has been designed by Nigel Dennis. This is a fast kayak but to maximise the speed, it needs to be built in the Carbon Kevlar specification. This is better suited to Sea State 1 to 3


The kayak is designed for fast cruising with very little rocker and a long waterline. For the majority of paddlers it is possible to paddle with your knees up in the centre of the cockpit or out to the side for maximum control and stability. The kayak is quite stable and designed with boxy rails for stability in rougher water. The Cadence is the longer model designed for sea state 1 and 2 and the Pulse is the shorter kayak designed more for sea state 3+ For surfing and tidal races we would recommend other kayak models in the range. This is a fast, good fun training / touring kayak.


The Quantum has been designed as a new fast load carrying Expedition Sea kayak. It's built for speed, its swede form (widest point behind the cockpit) for the intermediate to advanced kayaker. This kayak recently set up a fast time on a circumnavigation of Ireland.

It offers paddlers good security in rough water. A must for the solo paddler.




The Triton has been designed as a fast manoeuvrable double. If the second paddler lies forwards on the front deck the kayak can be rolled easily by one paddler.
We would recommend ordering this with a rudder if you plan to paddle in wind with a weaker second paddler.

This also comes as a 2pc kayak and can be ordered as a standard construction or a Carbon / Kevlar version.




The Sport RM LV is intended for small to medium sized paddlers. A scaled down version of the Sport RM, it falls somewhere between the Pilgrim and the Romany Classic in size. It has knee humps for an upright seating position and a fibreglass cockpit rim for a better seal with a range of skirts designs. Its reduced size offers a better fit for smaller paddlers and less surface area to be pushed around by rough water. It surfs very well with its balanced cockpit location, and is ideal for rock garden play.



A responsive plastic (RM) kayak with good speed, based on the Romany Surf. It surfs exceptionally well and excels in rock garden play. Built for the medium to large sized paddler, its single layer super linear construction offers better strength-to-weigh ratio than triple dump and excellent rigidity, hence dry hatches with its double walled bulkheads. The Sport has boxy rails and a flattish hull, offering good stability and following-sea performance. The fibreglass cockpit rim allows for a better seal from a variety of spray deck designs, including round bungees as used on fibreglass boats. Full deck lines, triple bulkhead and hatch, retractable skeg and NDK stability and confidence all included.