Equipment needed:

Hand pump recess moulding (our recess fits the small hand pump with a metal shaft by Prion), large piece of paper, pencil and marker pen, methacrylate adhesive with curing agent, acetone, cloths, a hand router, 40 grit sand paper, adequate safety equipment.


  • Place hand pump recess moulding on a piece of paper and trace around with pencil
  • Lift moulding off the piece of paper and cut out creating a paper template
  • Place paper template on the area of deck where you would like to have the hand pump recess, but be sure to place the paper template as a mirror image (flip it over)
  • Draw around the paper template with a marker pen then remove to leave you with an outline on the deck
  • Then with the marker pen, roughly draw around the inside of the outline (about 8 mm)
  • With the hand router (wear safety equipment), run the router on the inside of the inside line
  • Clean up with hoover/brush and get rid of all the dust etc (but be careful not to wipe the outside line away)
  • With the 40 grit sand paper, sand around the edge of the area you have just cut out, also sand the area on the deck that the hand pump moulding flange will sit on (up to the outer line that should still be there)
  • Mix the methacrylate adhesive up (wear gloves etc) and syringe/spatula the adhesive on the underside of the hand pump recess along the flange, be sure not to put too much on. Then lower the hand pump recess into the routered out hole, then press the moulding down (but not too hard that all the adhesive squeezes out)
  • With cloths and acetone clean around the area wiping all the excess adhesive away (will begin to harden in about 10 minutes)
  • Wait for about 30 - 40 minutes for adhesive to harden fully, then place hand pump in and job is complete.