The rope can be replaced with any rope that works in the cleat. We use 4 mm nylon. Kevlar strengthened produces the best results. Where the rope enters the boat at the back it can cut a groove into the fitting making it stiff to use.

This groove can be rounded off or replaced with a brass 'Through hull skin fitting' to reduce the friction (Internet search engine tip: Enter Through hull skin fitting + your area). The blade and pivot can be removed from the boat by releasing the bungee that is tied to the deck cleat. The parts can then be cleaned, repaired or replaced. This bungee can also be tightened to help pull the skeg down or loosened to help the paddler pull it up. To re-thread the cord and bungee we use a thin strand of wire with a hook in to pull it through. As we don't manufacture these systems anymore we don't stock any of the parts however theses can be obtained from Valley.