Equipment needed: Hand router, acetone, adequate safety equipment, 40 grit sandpaper, marker pen, masking tape, tape measure, kayak stands, cloths.

  • Remove all accessories (backrest etc.), also remove foam blocks that are behind stem of seat
  • Turn the boat upside down on stands. Where the stem of seat is attached to the underside of the deck, use the marker pen and tape measure to draw a line roughly 1″ (25 mm) up from the underside of the deck across the stem of the seat and repeat on opposite stem. Then turn the boat right side up
  • Using adequate safety equipment, use the hand router and router along the lines drawn earlier (if it gets overly dusty, stick a piece of masking tape along the line so that it's even more clearly marked)
  • Once done, remove the seat. Then with some 40 grit sand paper, smooth off edges of any sharp areas
  • Clean area with some acetone to remove dirt etc.