Yosdale Dror, Product Manager of Motionize, travelled all the way from Isreal to meet up with Nigel Dennis & Eila Wilkinson to run the first ever trail coaching session they have been eager to deliver in Holyhead.

Eila said "The day could not have taken part without the help and cooperation of Pagaia Club de Caiaic, cap de Creus, Catalonia who had travelled to Anglesey on a week’s summer tidal kayaking adventure week with Nigel and Eila. The group who were our Motionize participants were fantastic, keen, eager and patient while we all learnt something new! We owe them a great big thank you!”

"It was an amazing opportunity to meet Yosale and share ideas and learn even more about the Motionize system. It was a pity the visit was so short but we are already looking forwards to the Motionize team returning for the Anglesey Symposium next May."

This initial trail coaching session was set up to see how a clinic would run using the latest Motionize technology, to discover what worked and what we could do to create a great and productive session.

Hampered by strong winds and rain Holyhead Marina proved a valuable place where we based the session from alongside our Expedition Motor Boat.

“We used video recording, together with the high tech equipment from Motionize and opted to manually record everyones Motionize stats form each of the initial paddle sessions and final paddle sessions so we could easily compare and analyise results off the water in the afternoon. This was just brilliant and combined with the videoing worked really well as each element helped visually show our analysis and results”.


We are now delighted to have the opportunity to take take our our forward paddling and paddle sizing clinics into the future by enhancing our classes with Motionize kayak and paddle sensors.

We are also excited to be offering compact day sessions at the Pagaia Club de Caiac symposium in April 2017.

The photos show Yosale and Eila setting up the Motionize systems with members of the Pagaia Club de Caiac