Circumnavigation of Japan 2004

2004 saw Jeff Allen and Hadas Feldman complete a six month circumnavigation of the Islands of Japan.Starting in Tokyo in early January, they paddled south, and after 139 paddling days they eventually closed the circle on November 4th. The cold Siberian Monsoon driven winds hampered their progress over the winter months but by early April made it as far as Tsuruga Wan on the West Coast, Visa restrictions and funds meant they had to return home at this stage.
Jeff and Hadas returned mid summer to complete their journey, with nearly twice the distance still to cover they new the race against time was on and in what turned out to be the worst year in recorded history for Typhoon activity they managed to complete with only hours to spare before they once more had to leave the country due to their visa's running out. During the trip they experienced much wildlife, from Sharks and turtles in the south and Bears and eagles in the North.
Jeff and Hadas presented 'Paddle Japan' at the 2005 symposium, for further details on presentations on this amazing journey contact Jeff Allen.

Paddlers:Hadas Feldman,Jeff Allen