You will receive an SKUK certificate that will also provide you with the following:

Insurance as needed. (You must apply for the insurance you need)

  • Equipment insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Kayak insurance
  • Rescue Insurance

Discounts on the following:

  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Kayaks
  • Paddles
  • Instruction
  • Medical insurance
  • Discounted local accommodation

Our Centers will offer the following:

  • Sea Kayak Tuition and guiding
  • Advice and demo kayaks to make sure you are advised on the best kayak for your intended purposes.
  • The best paddle that will suite your needs
  • Whatever you purchaser from our dealers will be at a discounted rate.

Who sponsors this proposal?

  • SKUK
  • Celtic Paddles
  • All SKUK Expedition Center’s & International Centers
  • Typhoon Dry Suits

How will SKUK International Centre’s work towards guaranteeing standards?

  • In this day and age there are many organizations that provide standards and qualifications for Sea Kayaking Guides and Coaches
  • SKUK have devised a matrix of qualifications. SKUK assessors will need to hold the relevant qualifications that are awarded by any of the following.
    • British Canoeing
    • American Canoe Association
    • E.P.P
    • ISKGA
  • See www.seakayakinguk.com for the matrix of qualifications
  • Coaches need to be approved and endorsed by the relevant governing body at the time of the training & assessment course. On a successful completion of the training or assessment course our approved SKUK International Center’s will issue the certificates. These Certificates should be accepted by all our approved International Centre’s

Why use SKUK International Center’s and approved Coaches and Guides?

All SKUK guides and Coaches are first and foremost experienced. Experience in the field is what separates Coaches and gives you the added benefit of what works in certain situation, tried and proven even if its not what the academics say!


For any specific information that you need please contact SKUK Tel: +44 (0)1407765550

or e-mail Nigel Dennis on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For advice and help, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please contact our expedition centres that are all over the world for lots of additional options.








We are happy to discuss any expedition ideas



Dates to be announced.





£120 for a one day course
Coastal Navigation, Open Ocean etc
One day assessments

£195 for a 2 day course
Sea Kayak Leader Training, Advanced Sea Kayak Leader Training etc


Courses and expeditions at all levels. Covering personal skills, seamanship, leadership, navigation etc.

All courses and expeditions are run by qualified SKUK sponsored paddlers.

Book any British Canoeing course on dates of your choice for a min of four paddlers.

SKUK skill awards are not available until April 2021. These will then be available at all SKUK Expedition Centres.

Contact Nigel Dennis for any additional information. Tel +44 (0) 1407765550 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please note Nigel Dennis is no longer involved in Tidal Waters.

These courses are either run or overseen by Nigel Dennis.

Official SKUK courses and expeditions.

courses 1a

(See British Canoe course page for charges and dates)

Intro to sea kayaking one to one

Intermediate to Advanced one to one

Groups of 3 to 4 clients coaching leading only
£150 x 1 day
£300 x 2 day’s
£650 x 5 day’s

COURSE FEES for groups of 2,3 and 4
Coaching to include kayaks and transport.
These fees are for SKUK skill award courses or group paddling and skills.
£325 / head / day for 5 day’s
£175 / head / day for 2 x day’s

COURSE FEES for individuals joining a group session
£375 / head for 5 days
£155 / head for 2 days

The working day:
Coaches are expected to meet all clients at 0930hrs Day two – Day five. On day one meet 0900hrs in order to select kayaks and load the trailer.
Off the water between 1600-1630hrs
Coaches will need to meet the clients at 0900hrs on day one. Clients to check that they are happy with back rests, footrests and have a working skeg.
Trailer to hopefully be loaded by 1000hrs
Coaches to provide their own first aid kit and kayak repair kit.

courses 1

SKUK personal skill awards

Our aim is to provide awards that can be obtained from any of the SKUK Expedition Centres. These awards will also help make sure that you have the personal skills required to undertake expeditions run by any of our Expedition Centres.

  • Sea Proficiency Award
  • Sea Proficiency Intermediate Award
  • Sea Proficiency Advanced Award (Tidal)
  • Sea proficiency Advanced Award (None Tidal)

 courses 3

Overlooking Holyhead Harbour, right on the sea front, we offer a unique mix of paddling opportunities for all level of paddlers. Perhaps you are brand new into the sport looking for a day exploring the cliffs and caves, learning some foundation skills or looking to develop your tide race skills in our world class Anglesey waters. Maybe you are looking for your BCU 5* training, assessment or beyond, our team of qualified, experienced BCU and expeditionary coaches will ensure you have a paddling experience to remember.

We offer bespoke courses for a day or a week, expeditions as well as our BCU and training courses.

Sea Kayaking at its very best!

Run by Nigel Dennis and Eila Wilkinson, Tidal Waters offers courses for everyone. Paddle sizing and forward paddling clinics, and all classes from introductory lessons to advanced tidal race courses and expeditions. Tidal Waters caters for every paddler wanting to improve their skills and seamanship.

We offer all manner of UKCC BCU training and assessments from 2* to 5* and can tailor make any course, bespoke for your requirements.

It is hardly surprising that we have a full fleet of Nigel's Sea Kayaking UK kayaks in the fleet, at your disposal for the duration of your course and can custom fit a Celtic Paddles paddle for you as well.

You can find the course calendar here [Course Calendar]

If you can’t find what you’re looking for send us an email and we’ll do our best to tailor a course for you.

If you are a group of friends or a club contact us for special group rates.

Link to courses here: [Tidal Waters]

For all your course needs with Sea Kayaking UK visit our courses website.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +44 (0)1407 765550

Nigel Dennis' courses

Intermediate Sea Kayaking
Tidal Races and Rough Water
Introduction to Sea Kayaking (Novice)
Advanced Seakayaking
Introduction to Moving Water
Introduction to Sea Kayaking (Master Class)
Introduction to Tidal Races
Paddle power
Private tuition

BCU/UKCC courses

BCU Week
2 Star Assessment
3 Star Training and Assessment
4 Star Training (sea)
4 Star Assessment (sea)
5 Star Training (sea)
5 Star Assessment (sea)
Coastal Navigation
Open Water Navigation