Whether be it the warm waters of the Philippines where she was born and raised, or the sunny, coastal surf of southern California where she now lives, Gennifer Gatan finds herself completely at home on the water.

Sea kayaking since 2008, Gennifer hasn’t looked back since, enjoying all its facets – day touring, expedition-style trips, rock gardening, surfing. She has combined this passion with a love for world travel; the views from the seat of a kayak are some of the best, after all.

In the NDK Pilgrim, she feels her skills continue to grow into the kayak’s design and functionality, and finds that its performance shines in sporty, dynamic conditions.

Gennifer works in the local outdoor recreation industry as an instructor and guide, both on water and hiking trails. She’s a British Canoe ASKL aspirant, and holds an ACA-L3 certification.

“I can’t say enough good things about this tiny powerhouse! She reminds me a lot of Eila. She’s an amazing paddler with excellent technical and tactical understanding. She is an exceptional leader, coach and mentor who embodies BC’s model of empowerment.”
Jen Kleck

See Gennifer’s adventures – both local and beyond – on Instagram, @out.i.go.