Nathalie, with an enthusiasm and extraordinary energy for exploring areas which are off the beaten track. 

- has been sailing in a sea kayak for almost 15 years.
- independent and enterprising on all kinds of terrain, whether in charge of a winch for a glider in the intense heat of a desert in Namibia, or driving a team of huskies in minus 43�, on a section of the -Yukon Quest Race in Western Canada.
- adept at underwater photography, she is the main organiser of the Monaco Competition for Underwater Photography.
- has been with Alain, generally just the two of them, on all his trips.

Nathalie and her husband Alain have embarked on a project lasting several years, travelling by sea kayak round the coast of Greenland, with the aim to meet, listen and report on the views of the Inuit people. 600 nautical miles were covered during their 2009 expedition. Photos and eye-witness reports are available on their website.