Hadas was born in January 1971, in Israel. She has widely traveled across South America, East Asia and Africa, cycled solo for 2 months in Laos and found her ideal way of travel in sea kayaking.
Several years ago Hadas started to work as a white water rafting guide on the Jordan River, a river that on occasion is classed at grade 6. She subsequently turned to the sea and ever since has been involved in the sea kayaking industry. Currently working as a kayak instructor in her home base of Israel at Optimist Kayak center and Gil kayaking center as well as leading kayak expeditions abroad.
Hadas is keenly sought after for her photographic skills and has been invited to deliver inspiration/motivational lectures world wide.
Her previous expeditions include:

2002 - 300 kilometers solo expedition along the cost of Turkey. Also led kayak trips around the Dodecanese islands in Greece.
2003 - 600 kilometers journey along the Kamchatka coastline with Justine Curgenven.
2004 - Together with Jeff Allen on a 6 month journey, paddled 6500 Kilometers, circumnavigating the four main islands of Japan.
2005- she paddled 800 kilometers in Alaska. From Whittier to homer.
2005 - Paddled 650 kilometers circumnavigating the sub Antarctic Island of South Georgia together with Peter Bray, Nigel Dennis, and Jeff Allen.
2007- Together with Tomer Sabag kayaked around the Island of New Found Land, a distance of 2200 Kilometers.