Based in Holyhead, Anglesey. Eila is a UKCC L3 coach & AWE & 4 star (sea) assessor. (Aspirant 5 star sea assessor).

Specialising in the tidal waters and races around the coast of Anglesey Eila runs her own business. Eila runs expeditions to St Kilda, Outer Hebrides & Ireland.

Eila is a Sea Kayaking UK and Celtic Paddles sponsored paddler having completed successful and fast circumnavigations of Ireland & the Outer Hebrides (using a Greenlander Pro). Enjoying the challenge of distance & speed paddling Eila also holds pretty fast non stop circumnavigations of Anglesey and the Isle of Man in Pilgrim Expeditions.

She is an advocate for women's paddling, coaching and sea safety, proving time after time that women can accomplish and excel on an equal level with the men. Specialising in leadership, technique, skills and efficiency of paddling in every sea environment imaginable and sharing her knowledge with others.

Eila's boats of choice are her light weight carbon Kevlar Pilgrim Expedition in custom glitter and red colours and her little 50/50 construction Pilgrim in black and gold sparkles. She raises the seat to give more connectivity and responsiveness in the kayak.

Favourite paddle? At home she usually has her 1 piece 204cm narrow straight shaft Celtic Paddles 650 blades on a 60 degree feather to hand. For flying and travel you will never find her without her 4 piece of the same make up.

You can contact Eila on