Stuart started paddle at the ages of 15, doing all types of paddling from sea kayaking, white water, canoeing and wave ski. His real love for sea kayaking came from the Anglesey SeaKayaking UK symposium, where at 16 years old he listened to a presentation given by Phil Clegg on his circumnavigation of the UK.

After this he became hooked on the trip and pushed his skills and ability. Four years passed and Stuart took on this circumnavigation with brother Craig and friend Lee and completed it September 2012.

They are now the first to have completed the trip in an anti-clockwise direction taking them 96 days and the youngest to have finished. Stuart at the age of 21feels he has a lot more expeditions up and coming.

Why does Stuart love paddling: Paddling can take you to so many places, it has taking me so many places in the world and will continue to do so.

I feel at the age of 21 I would never have seen so much with out it. It also provides such a vary from a gruelling expedition to a placid and mellow paddle down the coast to surfing a glassy wave that makes you feel as good as the richest happiest folk alive.

I have always loved the sea and I could not think of a better craft that interacts with the sea as good as a kayak dose.