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Martin has been involved with NDK from the early days of the 1980's- and over the years has worked on many of their courses and expeditions. 

He was one of the first to circumnavigate Ireland back in 1983 and has since gone on to organise courses and lead trips in the UK, Norway, Iceland, Canada and Greenland.

For many years he worked in Ontario, Canada, leading dogsled and ski trips during the winter and sea kayak and extended open-boat trips in the summer months.
During this time, he lead several trips down the Missinaibi River into James Bay and completed a solo circumnavigation of Prince Edward Island.

Since 2000, his main interest has been the East coast of Greenland, where over the years he has gained a vast amount of experience and knowledge.
In 2004 he and Pete Jones undertook a journey north from Ammassalik to Lake Fjord, and re-established Gino Watkins memorial cross.
In 2006 again with Pete and this time joined by Phil Clegg, he undertook an unsupported trip from Scoresbysund to Ammassalik, a paddle of approx 700 miles along a totally uninhabited and exposed arctic coast.
Unfortunately the pack ice that year was very bad and the team were forced to retreat having got about half way.
Martin is now based in Shetland, where he runs a variety of courses, in these most northerly of the British Isles. He is a SCA CCP and the LCO for Shetland.
Each summer he guides trips in the Ammassalik region of Greenland where he has a fleet of kayaks and equipment permanently stored. These expeditions can cater for all skill levels, ranging from youth groups to advanced trips for experienced paddlers - in 2009 one of his more experienced groups successfully reached Gino Watkins Memorial Cross.

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Marc Martin Alcober was born in Barcelona on 1977. A Sea Kayaker since 2001, he has undertaken several expeditions and has been interested in taking different courses and training around Europe.

In 2005 he completed his first self-supported expedition around Eivissa and since then has paddled in autonomy on different spots of Spain, Italy, Greenland, Sweden, Frisian Islands in Germany and Baja California in Mexico. In 2008, he participated on the Greenland Games in Qaqortoq, winning 4 gold medals in international category.

Also in 2008 he started to develop his knowledge on sea kayaking by taking courses that cannot be found in Spain. The most relevant awards obtained are the A-kurs from Salzwasser Union from Germany and the 4 star award from BCU, currently pending to be assessed on 5 star.

As a trainer, he has the first level of canoeing coaching from the Spanish canoeing federation and he also obtained the coaching level 1 from the EPP obtained from the Danish canoeing federation.

Marc enjoys paddling with both paddles, the European one and the stick. He is able to skimo roll in many different ways as the Greenland games and he can also play with the ropes.
He lives close to the National Park "Cap de Creus" that permits him to enjoy the sea in all its ways and in very hard conditions due to the strong winds that blow in the area.

Currently, he is the director of Sea Kayaking Spain a SKUK expedition centre in Spain.


Age: 55

Hometown: Orcas Island, WA


Leon is co-creator, co-owner, and coach educator at Body Boat Blade International – a highly successful two time award winning paddle sports school based on Orcas Island, WA. He has been paddling and teaching kayaking for over 20 years, and has logged thousands of miles on Lakes, rivers and the sea. Although he is most recognized as a sea kayaker, he also has a passion for paddling canoes, surf kayaks, white water boats, stand up boards, and race boats, essentially he likes any thing human powered that requires a paddle and is done outdoors.


Currently Leon holds BCU Coach Level 4 (Level 5 Aspirant), BCU Assessor Level 4, BCU 5 Star Sea, BCU 4 Star River, BCU 4 Star Surf, BCU 2 Star Canoe, UKCC Coach Level 1 and 2 Course Provider, Foundation Safety & Rescue Provider.

Biggest Adventure:

Among Leon’s accomplishments are: the successful circumnavigation of Iceland in 2003, with Chris Duff and Shawna Franklin, a trip of over 1600 nautical miles in 81 days. In 2007, Leon circumnavigated Haida Gwaii, a 500 nautical mile, six week trip with his partner, Shawna Franklin and adventure filmmaker, Justine Curgenven. Leon has paddled around Vancouver Island two times to date, a trip of over 700 nautical miles. In 1998, he completed a solo journey in 28 days, and most recently in 2012 with his partner Shawna Franklin in 44 days.

Life These Days:

Leon has always been drawn to the sea. Leon left home and school early becoming a runaway and drop-out. After a few lost years he became a ship's diver on a fast attack submarine at the age of 20. Four years of being confined to the interior of a submarine he vowed "to never work indoors again." He went from the navy to university, to study biology. During his time as a wildlife biologist he discovered sea kayaks and river boats and now spends more time on the sea in the cockpit of a kayak than doing anything else. “The most significant and memorable days of my life have been spent with a paddle in the water.”


I have always been interested in outdoor activities, joining the scouts as a child and the hill walking club that was set up by my middle school, because of these early experiences the natural progression seemed to be to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award when I was in high school.

As part of my Duke of Edinburgh award I joined Wansbeck Paddle Sports Club. I learned to canoe and kayak both in rivers and on the sea, during that time the club was very new and quite small with only one coach with any considerable experience, Tom Thomas. Tom's rule of the club and in turn my early years as a paddler is probably best described as tyrannical, my friends and I spent many weekends breaking ice from the surface of the river Wansbeck in order to practice rescue skills in freezing temperatures and cursing his name.

As cruel as Tom's methods seemed at the time I'm now a half decent paddler in the various craft he coached and I can't thank Wansbeck Paddle Sports Club enough for that. After my first couple of years paddling I became a coach myself and have since tried to pass on my experiences to others who join the Wansbeck club which is steadily growing due to a number of people doing the same.

In 2009 I began a history degree at the University of Cumbria, I enjoyed my time there however it did not have a kayaking club. I spent a lot of time travelling home to paddle or meeting friends in places halfway but I was unable to spend as much time in a boat as I would have liked. As a result of this I began rock climbing with the university outdoor club and paddling took a back seat. During my final year at university I began to plan a circumnavigation of Britain with fellow Wansbeck paddlers Craig and Stuart Leslie, we decided to attempt the trip anti-clockwise against the prevailing winds. We received an overwhelming amount of support and sponsorship and completed the trip in Ninety-six days finishing in August 2012. The Britain trip felt a bit like a fast track tour of British paddling and as I went round I noted several areas that I will definitely go back to explore further, among them Northwest Scotland and Cornwall. It also made me realise just how much was possible in a sea kayak and has left me eager for future expeditions.

Keirron Tastagh


Keirron is a British Canoeing Level 5 Coach, whose passion and profession is development through adventure sports. He runs Adventurous Experiences, an adventure sports centre: sea kayaking, coasteering and unforgettable experiences in the Isle of Man. A full time adventure sports coach and leader, Keirron has led significant expeditions since 2002. He enjoys challenging himself (and others) in the coastal environment, also passionate about photography, and been involved in a bit of filming.

Athlete Bio

Keirron is a British Canoeing Level 5 Coach, whose passion and profession is development through adventure sports. He runs Adventurous Experiences, an adventure sports centre: sea kayaking, coasteering and unforgettable experiences in the Isle of Man. A full time adventure sports coach and leader, Keirron has led significant expeditions since 2002. He enjoys challenging himself (and others) in the coastal environment, also passionate about photography, and been involved in a bit of filming.


Open crossing (52 nautical miles) between Holyhead (N Wales) and the Isle of Man in 2001 aged 22, and again at night in 2005, solo. Setting a new record around Vancouver Island in 2007, using a pink SKUK Triton double kayak for charity, and a paddling partner he’d never met before. Lives and enjoys real wilderness expeditions in remote locations, and the training to get there. Vancouver Island, Ontario, Norway, Aleutian Islands... Managing real risk, accomplishing real reward.


“I’ve practiced Judo since I was 6. Much of how I view life has been influenced by this art; its education and philosophy of strength, character and respect.”
Favourite quote “Far better it is to dare mighty things, than rank with those poor timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat” Kendal Judo Club
Adopted mantra “What will be, will be”

Keirron is privileged to paddle and coach in amazing and inspirational locations worldwide. It’s all about the journey...

Keirron Tastagh surf

I was born in England in 1961. Now I live in Portland, Oregon, USA. I started paddling in 1991 in an open canoe, first on flat water, then on class II white water. In the early days I did a lot of multi-day open canoe trips on the wild and scenic rivers of Eastern Oregon and Washington, USA. In a quest to explore new rivers and survive the more challenging rapids that came with them I began white water kayaking in the mid 1990s. Around the same time I also started white water rafting. In raft or kayak I have run many of the rivers in Oregon and Washington up to and including class IV white water.

After 10 years of inland paddling I discovered, and became addicted to sea kayaking. In North America I have paddled on the Northern California and Oregon coasts, Columbia River Estuary and Gorge, Olympic Peninsular, San Juan Islands and Deception Pass in Washington, the Strait of Juan de Fuca including a crossing from Port Angeles (USA) to Victoria (Canada), the Brooks Peninsular on the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island, Canada, and Kachemak Bay and Prince William Sound in Alaska. In Europe, I have visited Anglesey, UK, several times to paddle in the tide races and overfalls of the Irish Sea. I have also kayaked the Strait of Gibraltar from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and crossed from Europe to Africa, and have done numerous trips in Norway, including the Sogn og Fjordane region on the West Coast (North Sea), the Lofoten Islands, including a passage through the maelstrom, and a tour in the Norwegian Sea near Tromso, at 70 degrees N. I have also paddled near Okarito on the West Coast of New Zealand's South Island.

Outside of my kayaking, I enjoy cross country skiing, mountaineering, and hiking, and have been a professional level bicycle racer and coach. When I can't get outdoors, I spend much of my time doing research and teaching at Portland State University where I hold a Professorship in Computer Science.

Kayaking Qualifications


  • Level 4 Sea Coach
  • A1* Assessor
  • Canoe Safety Test Assessor
  • 5 Star Sea Award
  • ACA: Advanced Open Water Coastal Kayak Instructor

Jon is an Irish Sea Kayaker based on the stunning West Cork coastline of both Kinsale and Schull. He is a highly accomplished L5 Kayaker and Instructor and manages two Outdoor Centres. Jon has had a lifetime in watersports with many other qualifications such as RLSS Beach Lifeguard trainer, a powerboat instructor and an expert kitesurfer! In addition to this in recent years he has chaired the sea kayaking section of Canoeing Ireland Training and Development Committee. Canoeing Ireland is the governing body for kayaking in Ireland.

Among his many achievements is a successful circumnavigation of Ireland which was made into a UTube documentary "Sea Kayak Around Ireland" which won best sea kayak film of the year at the Reel Paddling Film Festival.

In addition to all of this Jon is also an RNLI crew member so a busy man!

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Based in the Southeast United States, Jeff is a veteran Park Ranger. He coaches and guides trips around several parts of the USA while helping participants grow as leaders and outdoor enthusiast. Jeff is not the average size of most sea kayakers. At almost 2 meters tall, you will find him paddling the NDK Romany Expedition Excel as his favorite kayak.

Jeff also holds several paddling certifications including being an Advanced Open Water Instructor and a Coastal Kayak Instructor Trainer for the American Canoe Association. He also teaches Canoe and Stand Up Paddleboard. With additional certifications as a Wilderness First Responder, a Leave No Trace Master Educator, and a Coastal Master Naturalist, he is often sought after to help train outdoor professionals because of his experience and style as a coach. Paddling is his passion and he loves to spread this “infectious” recreation activity to others. He believes in helping others to expand their confidence and skills by having fun while learning. “There is nothing like the feeling of seeing a person smile because they just did something they didn’t think they could do”

Contact Information
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Born in 1962, Jeff first started paddling in the cub scouts and later in the sea cadets.

Jeff joined the Grenadier Guards straight from school seeing service in West Germany, France, Northern Ireland, Belize and Cyprus. It was seeing the beautiful lines of a Nordkap lay on the Tarmac in Larnaca (Cyprus) all ready to go on expedition that planted the first seeds of a dream that has now fully occupied his life for the last ten years or so.

Having left the Army in 1987, Jeff moved to Falmouth, Cornwall and has since worked as a commercial Fisherman, Boat Builder, Self defense instructor, Harbour Master's Assistant and more recently has been instructing Sea Kayaking at the Falmouth Marine School. Having paddled and sailed in many areas around the globe Jeff holds a great deal of respect for the Sea with all its moods and ways.

In 2003 Jeff founded Sea Kayaking Cornwall, with the aim of introducing people to the world of sea kayaking and started to teach and guide groups around this most amazing South Westerly peninsular.

In 2003 Jeff also paddled all 300 miles of the Cornish coast and with a crossing to the Scillies and back by Kayak the previous year it has shown him just what a beautiful location Cornwall is for sea kayaking, Jeff finds no greater joy than introducing people to the world of sea Kayaking or showing them some of the hidden secrets of ancient Kernow (Cornwall).

In 2004 Jeff along with Hadas Feldman completed a full circumnavigation of the four main Islands of Japan, after 139 paddling days, spread over a six month period they completed this amazing journey, which took place during the worst year on record for typhoon activity and they managed to cover a distance in excess of 6500 kilometers.

In 2005 Jeff also completed the first circumnavigation of South Georgia by a British team along with Peter Bray, Nigel Dennis and Hadas Feldman.

On all of Jeff's expeditions he tries to highlight the needs for various charities. In March of 2008 Jeff will be setting off on an expedition to circumnavigate Scandinavia by sea kayak and ski. As well as being a major adventure this expedition hopes to highlight the needs of two charities, the Ovarian Cancer Action and the Children's Hospice South West.

For the last four years Jeff has been developing a series of Incident Management clinics, specialising in group control and rough water rescues and is available to conduct these courses both at home and abroad. Jeff has delivered inspirational/motivational presentations all around the world and is available for talks on his sea kayaking adventures.

Jeff has written numerous publications for the kayaking press and is a regular contributor for the 'Ocean Paddler' magazine. He is currently writing a book on the Japan circumnavigation. 'Karma Waters' should be available in spring of 2009.

Contact details: +44 (0)778 8690183



Harry was part of a 3 man team that in 2005 circumnavigated Great Britain in 80 days. He has also circumnavigated Ireland solo.

He's particularly fond of open crossings and has completed all but one of the major crossings of the Irish sea. He is currently featured on the BBC's Video Nations.


Born in 1960, Greg Stamer grew up paddling open canoes but was instantly captivated by sea kayaks and got his start in 1988. Home is wherever he happens to be, but central Florida is his home base.

Greg is the President and founder of Qajaq USA, the American Chapter of the Greenland Kayaking Association (Qaannat Kattuffiat).

Greg StamerGreg is best known for his study, teaching and writings of Greenland technique and culture. He has written articles for Sea Kayaker magazine and authored the chapter, Using Greenland Paddles in Eastern Arctic Kayaks, History, Design, Technique by John D. Heath and E. Y. Arima. Greg is a featured paddler in Justine Curgenven's This is the Sea video, and is a guest-instructor in Nigel Foster's Sea Kayaking Series.

A minimalist by nature, Greg was attracted to Greenland-style kayaking and began learning Greenland skills in the late eighties. He credits the late kayak historian, John Heath, and six-time Greenland champion Maligiaq Padilla, as his primary mentors. In 2000 he attended a week-long training camp in Qoornoq, Greenland and learned from some of Greenland's best kayakers.

Greg participated on the first American team, when the annual Greenland Kayaking Championship was opened to outsiders in 2000. He won his age group in the World Class (which combined all Greenlanders and foreigners), and earned medals in different disciplines, including long distance racing and rolling. Greg returned again in 2002 and earned another gold medal for rolling. While there he enjoyed kayaking in several locations along the Southwest Greenland coast in a traditional skin covered kayak; The Greenlandic coast and fiords are truly soul-inspiring in their beauty. Works of man are few, and the immense landscape both humbles and empowers you at the same time.

Greg loves to teach and is a much sought-after coach for symposiums, across the USA and worldwide. Greg has instructed in the United States, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, Newfoundland and New Zealand and looks forward to traveling and teaching in new locations.

In addition to Greenland-style, Greg enjoys kayak surfing, rough-water kayaking, some whitewater, and trips of all kinds. Greg has pursued multi-week trips in many locations, including the Pukaskwa coast of Lake Superior, the Apostle Islands, circumnavigating Isle Royale in Lake Superior, portaging his sea kayak across Isle Royale (to fish the inland lakes and to hear wolves and see moose), exploring the coastal areas of the Florida Everglades, and more. Working for a large corporation developing computer software limited his time-off to three weeks or less for trips. In 2007 Greg left his high-paying corporate job, and escaped from his small cube, to pursue a more fulfilling lifestyle and to enjoy longer trips.

In June 2007 Greg and partner Freya Hoffmeister circumnavigated Iceland (1,620 km) in 33 days (25 paddling days). Greg used a carbon Greenland paddle on the trip.

He is currently planning his next adventure, a solo circumnavigation of Newfoundland in 2008.

Greg is available for lectures, for teaching at events around world, and offers private lessons devoted to Greenland-style technique.

Based in New England USA, Greg is a BC/UKCC L3 Performance Coach & AWE. British Canoeing Provider for the Sea Kayak Leader award, Personnel Performance awards, and Safety Award CNTP. As well as an ACA Level 5 Advanced Water Coach. (Aspirant Advance Sea Kayak Leader assessor and Moderate Water Coach Educator).

Greg grew up around the waters of the New England coast line USA. After paddling open canoes for years as a youngster, He really didn’t discover ocean paddling until after graduating from Civil Engineering school in 1989. Greg is a frequent visitor to many places in the world for sea paddling. Whether it is for coaching or expeditions. Some his favorites are Anglesey N. Wales, Isle of Man, Scottish Western isles Outer Hebrides and the Roof of Scotland, Tierra del Fuego Southern Patagonia Chile, Down East Maine, Costa Brava Spain, Canadian Maritimes/ Bay of Fundy and Ireland. During the summer months you can find him running his coaching and adventure sports company Kayak Waveology. (web site Working performance and BC courses on Rhode Island surfing beaches and in his local Tidal Race waters in and around Fishers Island Sound, USA.

As a highly regarded performance coach in a few sport disciplines, Sea kayaking and Telemark skiing. Greg has had the pure enjoyment of coaching and inspiring thousands of folks in their chosen sport discipline around the world. Known for his calm and patient manner, Greg has a way of challenging people to do things they didn’t think they could do. He has always enjoyed passing on his gained knowledge as a sea kayaking coach and guide. Observing his work and watching people grow into their skills, knowledge of the environment they work in, working safely, and reaching their goals. This fact alone keeps him growing, motivated, and advancing in his coaching studies.

Greg’s boats of choice are the Explorer and Romany Surf. The Explorer for big water and heavy weather, a great do everything boat. The Romany Surf for rock hopping and surf work. Favorite paddle is the Celtic 700 pro range one-piece 208cm crank shaft at 60-degree feather. When flying abroad, same paddle but a four-piece set up.

Glyn Brackenbury has been paddling since the age of 8, passing his 1 star with Nigel Dennis in 1982. He developed an unhealthy obsession for kayaking in all its guises, choosing to make a career out of “working” in the outdoors. He is now the Chief Instructor at Skern Lodge Outdoor Centre in North Devon.

He is a BCU Level 5 surf coach, the 2011 British Surf kayak Champion and a finalist at the 2011 World Championships.. He is currently the England Surf Kayak Team coach, and is responsible for, an online technical manual for the skills of surf boating.

In 2013 he is attempting to paddle from Lands End to John O’Groats, a 900mile solo trip, taking in coastlines, canals, and inland waterways. You can follow his progress at

Glenn Charles is on a quest to travel more than 50,000 miles by human powered transportation. He aims to use these travels to inspire people of all ages to reconnect with nature and lead simpler lives. Over the past three years, Glenn has led a nomadic existence, traveling over 6,000 miles in an NDK explorer, his kayak of choice, and over 7,000 miles using a Salsa Fargo bicycle. While solo kayaking, Glenn has traveled up the Inside Passage, circumnavigating Glacier Bay and the San Juan Islands. Following that expedition, Glenn transitioned to Key West where he paddled the 3,300 mile eastern seaboard of North America via the Atlantic Ocean, finishing only upon reaching Nova Scotia.

In addition to his exploration via kayak, Glenn has also cycled around North America, North Africa and Ireland. Glenn will continue to push the boundaries of human power travel with new expeditions on both the water and land including a 2012/2013 expedition that will cross the Arctic circle.



George Shaw has lived in the Isle of Man for over 10 years, originally from Bromley, Kent. He is rightly proud to be sponsored by Sea kayaking UK, FiveTen, Lendal, Suunto and Kokatat. 

Swimming and surfing are a large part of his sporting life.

He is also an active qualified Swimming Coach. George competed at club and amateur level Thai boxing for 14 years before a football injury to his knee made him call it a day. He discovered kayaking and has never looked back.? A qualified Lifeguard, he regularly trains with the life guards, and is focused on progressing and achieving the Surf Lifeguard Award.

Personal Achievements

Personal achievements include winning the Swimming section of the 2011 Isle of Man Adventure Race swimming and kayaking sections consecutively! He has paddled to Scotland and back in a day, twice, the second time in a double kayak with Keirron's 15 year old sister, Katia Tastagh.? George regularly coaches and leads others along the Isle of Man coastline, and holds the record for the fastest circumnavigation by touring sea kayak - completing the 115km in 13 hours 33 mins. ?


Latest major expedition (and his first) Aleutians 2012 Expedition.

Ewen’s love of kayaking started at the age of 10 when he was introduced to kayaking by his Scout leader in Pembroke Dock - the legendary Sandy Buttle.

This sparked an all-consuming passion and Ewen spent his youth surf kayaking the beaches of Pembrokeshire and exploring the coastline by sea kayak.

Following a move to Cornwall, Ewen’s love of surf kayaking really took off. In 2014 he joined the Welsh surf kayak team, made the finals of the world championships in Pantin in 2015 and Portrush in 2017 and most recently won the British Masters IC class in Thurso.